Single place to hold all your Copy/paste data.

A complete Clipboard Manager

The clipboard in android only holds one item at a time and can be frustrating if you are working with multiple items.
Smart Multi Clipboard Manager lets you store multiple items and access them as needed using bubble or notification panel.


You can add your quick clipings which you use frequently (like address,e-mail,name). Using bubble or notification panel use it when it needed. SMC automatically saves everything you copy from everywhere, makes a complete log of it and allows you to select quick actions for clipings.

Access data anytime anywhere


Synchronizes all devices in which you are logged in and web sync is also there. Copied and saved notes in your phone can be accesible on your tablet and on web too.

Web App

Web app follows all your updates of SMC being applied by you in your android phones. Be it Notes or the Clipboard.Trash in SMC keeps data till 30 days.

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Screenshots time!

The Smart Multi Clipboard Manager is what you need to have for almost every purposes. It enhances the capability of your smartphone where you can just get your things smartly arranged and accesses through a single place..

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